Monoxide 12
Monoxide 12
Frank arrives in Monoxide 12
Vital statistics
Type Realm
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Chin-Chin
Monoxide 12 is an uninhabited realm, and is one of the most dangerous realms in the Filthy Frank Universe (obviously aside from Jacksonville, Florida). It is where Chin-Chin currently resides. The only known location in this realm is the Battlegrounds, an abandoned train tunnel in which Chin-Chin has made his lair...

The zone is apparently full of noxious gasses, mainly carbon monoxide, as the name tells, as both Frank and Pink Guy wear respirators while visiting the realm. It is unknown how Pookie can go without protection, but it is possible due to the overuse and conditioning of many illicit drugs. Frank is forced to visit this realm to bring Chin-Chin his yearly sacrifices in Chin Chin Sacrifice 2015 - Frank's Journey. Pookie was abandoned in this realm after Chin-Chin kidnaps Pink Guy and banishes Frank to the Ricefields.

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