Do you want Bacardi and cola?
Mr. Pirate Man
Biographical info
Full name Pirate
Species Hakujin
Gender Male
Political info
Nationality British
Occupation Pirate/Bartender
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance HUMAN CAKE

Mr. Pirate Man is a character who made an appearance in the episode, "Human Cake", as a pirate. During his appearance, he pours the chefs a Bacardi and cola drink and also brings them the much-needed butter. Pirate receives the honor of cutting the wedding cake with his sabre, despite his personal feelings towards gay marriage. Throughout the wedding, he is never without his Jack Daniel's bottle, and works the punch bowl as the party bartender.

The Pirate has appeared in behind the scenes segments with Filthy Frank and Maxmoefoe, leading the viewers to speculate that he was actually HowToBasic; which they made a prank about during the video.