Nazi Cunt
Nazi cunt
Nazi Cunt in Berlin, 1945
Biographical info
Full name Nazi Cunt Hitler
Aliases Hitler's Son
Species Human
Gender Male
Born before 1945
Relative(s) Adolf Hitler (father)
Eva Braun (mother)
Residence Hitler's bunker in Berlin
Political info
Affiliation The National Socialist German Workers' Party/ Waffen-SS

Dade (possibly)

Nationality German
Occupation Professional Hacker
Rank Time Traveler
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance HITLER'S EVIL SON
Role minor antagonist
Ja, ja, ja... wiener, wiener, schnitzel... scheiße... Hitler
- Nazi Cunt, muttering incoherently in German
Nazi Cunt is the until recently unknown descendant of the German dictator Adolf Hitler, his main goal in life to save his father from his demise in 1945 and take over the omniverse with him, something he would have succeeded at had he not been defeated by Derek.


Nazi Cunt

Nazi Cunt, being a nazi cunt

Nazi Cunt is first seen frantically hacking an unknown server to obtain Hitler's coordinates, after somehow saving the coordinates in his vape pod he was interrupted by Pink Guy, who was sent there on a mission by Wheelz. After being pursued by Pink Guy while escaping to 1945 Berlin, he and Pink Guy engage in a fistfight in which Nazi Cunt gains the upper hand by drawing his weapon, only to be defeated by Derek's powerful laser beam attack. And then burned to death.

Powers and Abilities

Nazi Cunt wields a custom Mauser C96 in combat, but his aim needs work as he was unable to land a single hit on Pink Guy during their shootout, he also had said gun jam on him.

On the other hand, he is excellent in close quarters combat, as he was able to best Pink Guy, but was ultimately defeated by Derek.

He is one of only a handful characters capable of time travel using his time drift vehicle.

Perhaps his most dangerous ability is his hacking powers, he was able to hack Hitler's coordinates, a task which can only be assumed to require a great deal of skill.