It's all gone wrong! It wasn't meant to fucking end this way!
- MaxMoeFoe, extinguishing the ritual fires after NCC's creation and subsequent burning of various items.
Negative Chin Chin
Biographical info
Species Lycra
Gender Male
Born May 26, 2015
Residence Unknown (Possibly Jacksonville, Florida.)
Political info
Affiliation Maxmoefoe, HowToBasic
Nationality Unknown
Occupation Unemployed
Rank Autistic God
Miscellaneous info
Role The Opposite of Chin Chin
Actor/Actress Chad
Negative Chin-Chin is an abomination of nature with a little too much power for his own good. He was accidentally created during the annual Chin-Chin sacrifices of 2015 somewhere in Realm 6.2.

It all started when MaxMoeFoe and HowToBasic, two humans associated with Frank realized their responsibility to sacrifice to the dark lord Chin-Chin. They sacrificed their subs first. The high concentration of Subway, combined with MaxMoeFoe's first born neckbeard and HowToBasic's chromosomes in the subs was a little too much for the airborne chromosomes in the area. The energy from the sacrifice caused the chromosomes to bunch together faster than light, resulting in the birth of Negative Chin-Chin, a being which is the exact opposite of Chin-Chin.

Not much is known about Negative Chin-Chin, except for his dislike of body pillows and off-the chart levels of autism. It is believed by some that the birth of Negative Chin-Chin was due to the Australian beer VB as part of the sacrifice, which is known for tasting worse than Papa Franku's dirty underwear and Chromosome Kid's nonexistent internal organs combined.

Negative-Chin Chin is a rare obese lycra, appearing in the color white. Negative Chin-Chin still has his eyes, possibly excluding relation to Chin-Chin and the peace^lords.

Because of his pristine white color, extreme obesity and high level of autism, it is speculated that Negative Chin Chin is the polar opposite of Chin-Chin and behaves as such.

Negative Chin Chin, due to his highly autistic nature, should not be approached without the offering of a fedora, a World of Warcraft membership, a body pillow to sacrifice to him, or a garbage truck filled to the brim with McDonald's hamburgers. If one approaches him without any of these offers, only the real Chin-Chin knows what happens next.


  • It is speculated that Negative Chin Chin is Anything4Views in disguise.
  • Negative Chin Chin has an extreme hatred for both Naruto and Winnie the Pooh, as seen in his burning of merchandise relating to the two. Because Negative Chin Chin is the opposite of Chin-Chin, this could possibly mean that Chin-Chin likes both Naruto and Winnie the Pooh.