Ah man I've been taking too much acid man
Negro Kintamas
Biographical info
Aliases Angry black man
Species Kokujin
Gender Male
Political info
Occupation Drug addict
Rank Drug addict
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance NEGRO KINTAMAS
Role Stereotypical African-American individual
Negro Kintamas (Unconfirmed Name) is a kokujin friend of Filthy Frank. Kintamas has uncontested superior music taste out of all the characters in The Filthy Frank Show, and is not gay despite hinting that he will flash his dick for you if you are gay.

He insulted One Direction in the "Don't Mess With One Direction" episode, and then proceeded to show Filthy Frank 'real music'. Frank, distraught at Kintamas' derogatory behavior, summoned One Direction, who defeated Kintamas and his kokujin friend. On InstaGram, Frank revealed that Negro Kintamas then proceeded to ransack their apartment because "he lost his drugs not even kidding".


Don't Mess With One Direction


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