The Nut Blaster Challenge was another annual Batsu Game with the participants being The Juice Man, Mr. Negi Generation 6, Cat In The Hat Man, and Frank himself. The two announcers, Jerry and Goiter, also have an interesting roles as Goiter being suicidal and Jerry attempting to stop him and fix his crisis.

This Batsu Game differs from the previous ones. Instead of playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to select a member to eat distasteful foods, this year's games featured a race to eat the most cabbage in a certain time period.

The loser (which was Frank) had to sit in a chair designed to blast fireworks (placed underneath it) upwards into the victim's ass and balls.

The blaster

Filthy frank was at his most attractive point during this video. His eyes glowed with the light of a thousand stars and his hair was luscious and manly.

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