The bread sticks were never enough.
- Ethan a few seconds before dumping Filthy Frank.
Olive Garden
Olive Garden is a cheap Italian restaurant that is well known for its salad and breadsticks. It also has a reputation of being the place to go for inexperienced dick wads and their poor boyfriends. The breadsticks get old after a few weeks. Frank was dumped by Ethan in this restaurant as apparently, the breadsticks were not good enough.


Olive Garden was mentioned by H3H3 in the episode "IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO" as the place where the impostor took him too often. He later mentions it in the video PEOPLE I HATE, and it is next to impossible to pick it up the first time watching since there is other incoherent screaming going on as Fake Frank harasses him to kill him with a doctor's note.