The Omniverse is the name often given to the multidimensional encompassment of all time, space, and matter that came to exist after the Dark Lord Chin-Chin came to power. The omniverse contains many separate universes, or realms, themselves being split into separate dimensions.


The omniverse consists of an unknown number of realms, parallel universes varied in size and composition. Travel between these realms requires special resources or abilities possessed only by the more powerful of deities.

Time as a linear concept has ceased to exist as it once was, and is expressed through the energy source/currency known as chromosomes.


The omniverse is inhabited by several different races and beings, including humans, lycra, aliens, and kokujin.


Despite the apocalypse and mass killings, the denizens of the omniverse still enjoy a variety of recreational activities and pastimes.


Sports are a popular activity in many realms, and is often intertwined with unhealthy levels of gambling. Popular sports often involve the abuse of animals animal-related sports, such as Crawfish racing and Mice vs Snake.

The Batsu games are a time honored tradition, in which humans and lycra alike desperately battle to avoid having to eat disgusting things and/or endure painful punishments.

Among the oldest competitive sports is Rock Paper Scissors, with the Rock Paper Scissors Arena being a notable landmark among the realms.


Food is an important part of life in the omniverse, so much so that the title of Chef is considered an unparalleled honor, as well as a forced meme. Culinary innovation has produced such dishes as hair cake and gourmet paper, and cultural staples such as ramen, rats, and ramen have helped create economic centers of growth, such as in the Luxury Realm.


Most sentient beings pray to the Dark Lord Chin-Chin, with sacrifices being a part of daily life in the omniverse. Other deities include Prometheus, who was able to defeat Chin-Chin in one-on-one combat, and Lil B, the Based God.

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