PINK GUY 2013 (ピンク人), published on April 4, 2012, is the ninth episode of season three and the thirty-seventh video on the DizastaMusic Channel.


The video begins with Pink Guy in Japan doing a workout. As the video goes on he loses control of his body and has a seizure.


PINK GUY 2013 (ピンク人)00:33

PINK GUY 2013 (ピンク人)

Video Description

The pink guy takes it to the streets. ピンクのやつが現れる。Subscribe for more bullshit.

Taken at 三宮センター街。Messing with the Japanese public.




  • Pink Guy


  • In the video description Pink Guy is referred to as "the pink guy" using the definite article.
  • It is called "PINK GUY 2013 (ピンク人)" despite being uploaded in 2012.

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