Pangea 308.62, also known as Earth, is an abandoned Realm that appears in WORST FILM EVER (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL). Due to the fact that this realm is called Pangea 308.62, it is possible that this realm is somewhat a location that gives the need of time travelling, due to the fact that Pangaea is 300 million years ago.


Pangea used to be an inhabited Realm full of people, however an unknown cataclysmic event (possibly meteor strikes) drove the entire population out of the Realm. The only inhabitant this Realm would have would be Dade, who traveled to this Realm many years after the collapse.

In -30,000 CH, Safari Man entered this Realm in search of two sticks of butter and located Dade, now dressed in a tunic made from a bedsheet, and asked him to aid him on his butter quest. The two searched the desolate streets until they finally found some butter, hidden away in a back alley. While fooling around with the butter, Dade's livers started failing, and he was brought back to Realm 6.2 for immediate medical care.