Yadaran, a typical peace lord

Yo, I heard the peace^lords are after you or some shit. Man, the fuck’d you do?!
- The Gatekeeper to Frank

The peace lords are a mysterious group of beings who maintain peace in the Omniverse. They have been pursuing Frank for his crimes involving prostitutes, bars, "h" and cocaine, as well as his role in the many wars which lead up to the episode Toilet Sriracha Shrimp. According to Veggie Cunt, they are also after Fake Frank. Peace lords also appear in the book Francis of the Filth.

So far, there is only one confirmed peace lord, named Yadaran but others have yet to come.

However there are few characters with an uncomfirmed status of being a peace lord such as:

The peace lords, at least Yadaran, had been tracking down Chin-Chin.

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