"Peanutbutter" is a song by Santa's Brother, from Pink Guy's debut album PINK GUY, and is the second track of the album.


Peanut butter on my balls let the dog lick it (x8)

Hey dog, (woof woof)

You wanna lick my balls?

Yeah you do (uh)

Yeah you do (uh)

Got some Skippy, rub it on my balls

Smear it real good, feed it to the dogs

You can call it wrong, I don't really give a fuck

Got peanut butter with extra nuts

This ain't your usual dog food

Real chunky and nutty, like squirrel poo

Why waste your money on home brand,

When your dog could be lickin' these gonads?

Yes, so please don't test me

I got canines lickin' on my testes

I heard dogs like to play with balls

So I let dogs play with my balls

Peanut butter on my balls let the dog lick it (x16)





This song is about Santa's Brother. As he waits alone, wanting nothing more than a partner to love him, he buys cheap laced weed. In his highness, he imagines a dog as his partner. Knowing Peanut Butter to be a dog's weakness, Santa's Brother rubs Peanut Butter on his nipples and his balls and sensually begs the dog to give him the pleasure he desperately craves.

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