Hey guys its Filthy Frank. Alright, right off the bat, YES, I did get a haircut. Leave me alone.

Pigeons and Gay Pride was published on September 14th, 2011 but was later on removed from the channel for unknown reasons. It is the seventh episode in Season 1 of The Filthy Frank Show and was on the DizastaMusic Channel.


In this episode, Filthy Frank tells us a story about his haircut and why he had to get it. Frank explains that he was simply walking down the street and he was shat on by a passing seagull. Frank went on to explain how disgusting it was and how it covered his head and hair, so he decided to get a haircut to clean it out.

Filthy Frank then pantomimes and play out the encounter he had with the shitty bird, from both the perspective of himself and as the bird which has become a pigeon. Frank waves his arms like a bird and then explains that he dislikes haircuts as people would make fun of him for getting one.

"They call me gay," Frank reveals, then initiates a serious philosophical discussion on the sensibility and reasonings behind calling something 'Gay' "Why do you call something gay if it's not really gay?" he rhetorically asks the viewer. Following this question, he does add that he understands why other people would hurl homophobic insults at him, as he admits that he does "grab their cocks and shit, but I'm not gay."

Conclusively, Frank reassures the gay community by saying: "Don't get me wrong, I have all the love for the gays. You know what, I'd even kiss a dude. But I won't. CAUSE I'M NOT A FAGGOT." In conclusion, Frank rounds up this short video update by saying that he respects the pigeon and would kiss it over kissing a dude. "I would kiss a pigeon though, but you can't really blame the pigeon. I mean if I was a pigeon I'd take a shit all over the place. Hey! Imma take a shit on you!"

Frank ends the video with a loud scream, possibly a mating call for pigeons.


Unfortunately, the original video is unavailable, due to being taken down.

Pigeons and Gay Pride (reupload)

Pigeons and Gay Pride (reupload)

Video Description

Let me tell you a little something about pigeons and gay pride. They are both quite similar if you think about it. A pigeon shat on my head today. Had to get my haircut. Not too happy.Stay tuned for new videos every wednesdays and sundays!