Smoking pink omega

PinkOmega, not to be confused with Pink Guy, is the alias of Japanese rapper and record producer, George "Joji" Miller. PinkOmega made his debut on the TVFilthyFrank YouTube channel with a music video titled 'TRAP DUMPLINGS', officially named 'dumplings'. Despite the name, PinkOmega is not Pink Guy but actually a more serious and less satirical apparition.

PinkOmega is not part of the Filthy Frank Universe.

In a random tweet, Frank actually stated that PinkOmega is, in fact, an extension of Pink Guy, which has already ruined the scheme of a serious thing, meaning that he stated at the same time that PinkOmega is Pink Guy, while saying he's not.



cooking all the dumplings is my way of saying im minding my own fucking business. the song is not about dumplings lol.

Also known as 'TRAP DUMPLINGS', dumplings is the first single by PinkOmega, with the beat produced by Finnish producer Holder.

Yo... PinkOmega
Yo PinkOmega

One bad chef In a kitchen full of dough
Three bad bitches with their hands on the stove
Making home movies with a hand full of stoges
I'm cooking all the dumplings
I'm cooking all the dumplings

Motherfuckers want to act funny
Trying to be a man when your nose is all runny
Go to Pre-K, put your bag in your cubby
Motherfucking gimmick like your man Jeff Dunnie

But who am I to talk. Making preteens laugh for the money
Act dumb, slicker than honey, whoops!
Rapping in the kitchen but got no silver spoon
Got to feed on the bitches, bitches

Bad to the bone, prone to the home grown
Girls moan when I come home, dick like an ozone. [?]
Want to step in the ring?
Just skin and a sack of shitty meat like dumplings

Boy I don't wear Gucci
Still classy but rotten like blue cheese
We're about to make a movie
With a hand held Sony, puffing on a loosie

"Cooking the dumplings all day"
Is the only thing I say when I'm not on my business
Get the fuck out of my kitchen!
I'm cooking up a storm boy. None of that beef shit

They say I'm the man in your nightmares
Your girl in the bed screaming "right there!"
I'm high on the weed and the xany
I find it uncanny there's so much poonani

They found me the lab doing stem cell research
I was trying to grow you some balls
The police came but I explained about your bitching
Now they want to pitch in and support the cause

Hate my ways? that's a personal issue
Because you're thinking about me, put down the tissues. (Ew!)
Why you still yapping to me?
Didn't mommy tell you not to converse with a stranger?

Are you crying in the stall with a belt and a razor?
Are you really that mad or just a bad imitator?
Oh, because I never heard of your dumb ass. (Nope!)
Go fuck yourself in the mouth with a taser. (whoop!)

Because I'm cooking all the dumplings (x4)}} 

wefllagn.ii 5

Pinkomega - wefllagn01:43

Pinkomega - wefllagn.ii 5

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