Unknown Lycra Bodyguards
Pink Guy and Bodyguards
Biographical info
Aliases Pink Guy's Bodyguards

Pink Guy's Slaves

Species Lycra
Gender Males
Born Various dates
Political info
Affiliation Pink Guy

Lord Cripplus

Time Police

The Tap Brothers (Former)

Nationality Various nationalities
Occupation Time Police
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance PINK GUY - FALCON PUNCH
Role Pink Guy's Bodyguards
Pink Guy's Bodyguards are two lycra entities featured in the video "PINK GUY - FALCON PUNCH".  


It seems that they are Pink Guy's slaves, as they have leashes around their neck and hands. When Derek is not available for the job, Pink Guy calls them out for the time police. It seems like one of them is a brown lycra, most likely an unknown generation of Mr. Negi while the other appears to be one of the Tap Brothers. Pink Guy may have captured them and treat them as lower beings, as he's getting stronger and stronger over time like Frank.

It seems like they drive for Pink Guy when he's shooting during their Time Police operations, as seen when he kills Captain Falcon before he even realizes that's him. It also seems that the brown lycra shares his M4 Carbine along with Pink Guy.