Racist Santa
Racist Santa
Racist Santa in the Research Lab.
Biographical info
Species Human
Gender Male
Born Unknown, but is obviously born in the North Pole
Relative(s) Santa (brother)

Santa's Brother (brother) Saint Nicholas (possible brother) Gary the Mushroom (possible relative)

Residence Next door to "A 10 year boy with a fat ass"
Political info
Affiliation Santa Claus
Nationality Arctic
Occupation Pedophile
Attitude Racist, perverted
Abilities Able to cure even the most chronic of diseases
Able to use a Cane in combat
Able to memorize even the smallest of details
Miscellaneous info
Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller
You know, the n*ggers... they gotta get their charcoal asses out here.
- Racist Santa living up to his name.
Racist Santa is a new type of Santa that appears as an antagonist in WORST FILM EVER (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL). It appears to be a shaved guy with duct tape on his face and a mustache lazily drawn on his cheeks wearing a pair of Gucci shades, similar to Weeaboo Jones and Dr. Trill, in which he's always carrying a stick directly harvested from a tree.


Racist Santa has an extreme hatred for black people, which is how he got his nickname. In WORST FILM EVER, he attempts to kill Dade (who is one of only two chocolate men left in the universe) to harvest his rare chocolate. After a warning of his attack from Chin-Chin, Frank sends his henchman Brock Lee after him, who defeats Santa and saves the day.

Unfortunately, Dade later dies as he succumbs to his disease, though thankfully not by another person's hand, so no chocolate was illegitimately harvested. Racist Santa is possibly a pedophile or a pederast, contrary to what he says. According to him, he had a falling out with the real Santa, and his relationship with Santa's Brother, if any, is currently unknown.


  • Able to cure even the most chronic of diseases
  • Able to use a Cane in combat
  • Able to memorize even the smallest of details

Major Battles

  • Racist Santa vs. Brock Lee (Outcome: Lost by surrender)


  • "How ya doin', ya dirty ol' shit-ass?"
  • "Did you know statistically, 1 in 10 people live next door to a pedophile? Not me though; I live next door to a little 10 year old boy with a fat ass, know what I'm saying?"
  • "I don't like black people!"
  • "Ya'll are fucked up, and you know, I still don't like black people."
  • "To the left, to the left, everything you own in the box to the left."


  • Racist Santa is seen wielding a handsaw, but is never shown using it in battle.
  • For unknown reasons Racist Santa has the number 40 written on his chest.
  • Racist Santa is a big fan of the singer Beyoncé, as he is heard singing her song Irreplaceable before his battle with Brock Lee.
    • His liking for Beyonce is somewhat ironic, since she is a person of color.