Y'know honestly, there's no difference between this and a rotisserie chicken.


RAT CHEF, published on March 22, 2015, is the 108th upload on the TVFilthyFrank YouTube channel. Cosplaying as Guy Fieri, Fake Frank hosts yet another of his cooking tutorials. Roaming the New York City streets and rummaging through garbage, Fake Frank collects dead, (most likely) disease ridden rats barehanded to prepare his "mama's recipe" for The Shaman.


Fake Frank explains that due to a changing world, women find men who know how to cook to be huge turn-ons. He states that he himself is one of the greatest chefs the world has ever seen, and that he'll teach us how to be a five star cook, and how to be a gentleman.

Fake Frank heads to the city for ingredients, and gives advice about finding your own ingredients. He then explains that the best street cook has his own alleyway, and lo and behold, he finds a fresh rat. He goes on to find another adult and three fetus rats, spending a total of six hours on the hunt.

After returning to his shitty apartment, Fake Frank whips up his mama's recipe: rat quesadilla and rat soup. He starts with "getting the water cooking," then drops half of a pack of ramen. While that simmers, he puts an adult rat in a tortilla and lets it sit for a while. He then dashes in some MSG broth to the simmering noodles and coats the second adult rat with the rest, "tenderizing" the meat a little bit. For the quesadilla rat, he sprinkles on some salt and pepper and lets it soak. He then plops the second rat (Ol' Stuart) into his soup. For the baby rats, Fake Frank decides to put all of them in another tortilla and roll them up into a churro.

Fake Frank then invites The Shaman to sample some of the cuisine, but he's repulsed and tells Frank that he's a fucked up man.


Notable Ingredients

  • Gets Rat
  • Cook a Noodles
  • Chicken Soup Base
  • Gets a Flatbread


"We got ourselves a real gem, we got ourselves a dead... Dead baby rat. Don't worry PETA, it's already dead.""See the fingers and the... the toes right here? It's really cute. Y'know, presentation is everything when it comes to a five star meal."


  • This is the first episode to feature The Shaman fully clothed.
  • Frank's ability to find rats could be a skill learned by surviving for seven years in the streets in his search for Eeyore.
  • The first time Guy Fieri was shown on the Filthy Frank show was in the video "TYPES OF PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET".
  • This was Fake Frank's first appearance.