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I didn't want to have to go into this, but... I feel like it's necessary.
- Filthy Frank on the Ratchet Realm.

The Ratchet Realm is rarely seen in any Filthy Frank videos, but when introduced, it leaves a significant impact on the viewer. It displays the corruption of a "ratchet" individual to the surrounding people of the environment.

The word rachet is a verb only if used to mean moving something up or down in a ratchet fashion. That is, unless you check the Urban Dictionary online, which defines "ratchet" as “a diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every man or woman's eye candy.”

Ratchet is used differently than its true meaning (displayed above), but does include the urban or ghetto setting. It displays the immature, and somewhat monkey-ish behavior. This includes fighting, yelling, and downright chaos. In the photo seen above, some ratchet individuals take part in a brawl inside of an undisclosed restaurant, resulting in the critical injuries of several individuals. In the Ratchet Realm, the word's true meaning is amplified beyond words, resulting in destruction and chaos in every sense of the words. Hundreds and possibly thousands of lives are lost to the rage of the Rachet Realm's native inhabitants daily. Any sane person would not dare enter the Ratchet Realm unarmed.

Apparently, Wheelz visited this realm to fight Yung Upgrade after serious cases of bullying.

It is believed that this is where most Kokujin in the Filthy Frank Omniverse originate from. This includes Wheelz, Pookie, Brock Lee, and Mamba.