Rice fields 1

Frank, waking up in the Rice fields.

I hereby banish you back to The Ricefields!
- Chin-Chin banishing Filthy Frank to Realm 0

Realm 0 (also known as The Ricefields) is a large realm located at the edge of the Omniverse. Frank references this realm multiple times throughout his videos. It is populated by Asians exclusively. There is an evacuation building located somewhere in the realm.

It seems like the entirely of this realm along with Fukushima are located in Japan.


In CHIN CHIN SACRIFICE 2015 - FRANK'S JOURNEY, Frank is banished to Realm 0 by Chin-Chin after he refuses to allow Chin-Chin to take Pink Guy as a sacrifice. After wandering The Ricefields for many chromosomes, Frank finds the flute belonging to Salamander Man. After playing the flute, Frank hears Salamander Man in the distance, and runs off to find him.

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