Let me get this right:
you want me to cure your naked, bald-headed man who throws up chocolate?
- Dr. Sack

Realm 3009, also known as Neo-Pakistan and incorrectly known as Realm 9005, is one of the many Realms, this one being home to the infamous Dr. Sack.


Not much is known about this Realm, but Chin-Chin describes it as a dangerous shithole. When Frank enlisted Chin-Chin's help on finding a cure for Dade's liver, the Dark Lord sent Frank and two henchmen (One of which was the infamously skilled broccoli fighter, Brock Lee, and the other being Pookie, as it was revealed in ANIME HUNTER - CHIN CHIN ARRIVES) to Neo-Pakistan to find Doctor Sack, a medical genius who was an expert in liver failure. After locating his office, Frank and his goons asked Sack for help, but the doctor refused, not wanting to have to roll around in Frank's filth while he cured Dade. Frank pleaded with Sack, who proceeded to pull a gun on him. The three got ready to attack Sack, their weapons by their side, but Sack whipped out a cane. The three, scared shitless of the cane, surrendered their weapons and left the office, defeated.