Realm 305, also known as the Hood Realm, is a realm that is a massive ghetto made up of a labyrinth of city slums and alleyways. This realm is inhabited mainly by thugs and gangs, and it is not known to have any other native entities.


Almost nothing is known about Realm 305 other than its notoriety for crime and its suspected age, being approximately six million chromosomes old.

In LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS 4, Fake Frank is seen gambling with some of his African American friends. The Gatekeeper arrives and tells him that he needs to get back home and make a new video. He does, but not before being threatened by his friends. The Gatekeeper backs him up, with the end result being Frank stealing one of his hood friends' pair of Timberland boots.

Twin Realm

This realm has a British counterpart Full of Roadmen and Rapping.