Luxury Realm
Vital statistics
Type Realm
Level Unknown
Location Universe
Inhabitants Unnamed Civilians
Realm 492.8888 (also known as the Luxury Realm) is a realm full of great deals and cheap prices. It resembles a massive supermarket, and unlike many of the other visited Realms on the show, is populated and active.


Filthy Frank of Realm 6.2, after discovering the secret ingredient to making perfect ramen, sent Pink Guy to buy a surplus of Top Ramen (the finest quality ramen in the Realms) so they could cook an excessive amount of ramen. While on his sacred quest, Pink Guy squared off against an unidentified civilian, winning by throwing packs of Top Ramen at his foe. Outside, he had to dodge oncoming traffic while tossing entire packs of ramen on the road.

Later, Frank bought a MacBook who turned out to be alive. He calls it "overpriced" because he paid a lot of money to acquire him. Later when MacBook explained the dark side of technology and how he was a robot who was forced to know everything in the universe and then he couldn't handle his suffering, he then told Frank to throw him in the river. Frank, saddened by his story, then threw him in the water. Later, he bought a second MacBook who turned out to be a feminist. When he was getting bullied over the internet, he felt like she was the reason why he was being mentally hurt. Frank then furiously destroyed Feminist MacBook, who then started to talk about robot sufferings. Frank then calls it "robot fanfiction" and threw her into the trash can.

It is possible that this realm is where Frank bought White Drone before her cheating on him with Black Drone.


  • Realm 492.8888 shares a similar name with Realm 692.8000.

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