Realm 69
Frank and Pookie defending each other during their escape from the Anime City.
Vital statistics
Type Realm
Level Unknown
Location Omniverse
Inhabitants Animespawns

Realm 69, also known as Anime City, is an abandoned Realm filled with deadly Animespawns.


The Anime City used to be vibrant and filled with life, but then the Weeaboos took over. Ever since then, nobody has dared to enter the Anime City, due to the hostile nature of the once-normal Anime who inhabit the place.

In +99999CH, Filthy Frank and his accomplice Pookie decided to hunt the Anime in the city, killing hundreds upon thousands of Animespawns before being overrun and having to retreat into a building. They made their way onto the roof, where Frank was cornered by Animespawns. He yelled for Pookie to save him, but Pookie revealed his true nature that day; he was a Weeaboo. Frank, knowing that his friend was suffering from the guilt of being a Weeaboo, grabbed his gun and shot him in the chest, wounding him. Frank assumed he was dead and mourned over his loss. Suddenly, the Dark Lord Chin-Chin approached Frank, saying that he still owed him Sacrifices for the henchman he loaned him during the quest to cure Dade's liver failure. After hearing this news, a worried Frank immediately left for the Nairobi Desert so he could ask his followers for sacrifices.

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