Aqua Centauri
Frank in his disguise at Aqua Centauri
Vital statistics
Type Realm
Level Unknown
Location Omniverse
Inhabitants Nine Citizens

Filthy Frank and Salamander Man (Temporarily)

Realm 88, also known as Aqua Centauri, is a Realm in the Omniverse..


Sometime before the banishment of Frank, SunCorp took over this Realm.

Many Chromosomes later, Filthy Frank and his companion Salamander Man hid from the peace^lords in this Realm, awaiting contact from Frank's old ally, the Gatekeeper. After the Gatekeeper arrived, he informed Frank that he could use the powers of smell to find his way to Pink Guy, then telepathically contacted Red Dick, telling him to cook a meal for them to use as a beacon. After catching a whiff of the meal, Frank and Salamander Man began their journey to save Pink Guy.

Why Frank chose to hide here to train is unkown. This realm only has several inhabitants and may simply be the "boonies" of the Omniverse. However since SunCorp owns this realm that is somewhat unlikely as it would probably have to have some purpose and importance to be bought and sold. It could possibly hold other powerful secrets that Frank took advantage of to become stronger.

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