- Frank greeting Chin-Chin directly after his overly long entrance in Realm 9.444.

Realm 9.444, known as the Field of Redemption (erroneously spelled as Feild of Redemption), is a Realm featured in the episode FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN.


Realm 9.444 is populated with many trees which form up a woodland, and also includes a massive field of pricker bushes (dubbed "rice fields"), although there is barely any correlation between the two realms. This particular location in Realm 9.444 is where the battle between Filthy Frank and Chin-Chin begins, now known as the Field of Redemption.

The population of Realm 9.444 is unknown, but is inhabited as seen when 2 women were seen going for a walk.


  • The numbers 9 and 4 are considered to be numbers with bad luck in Japan. The number 4 resembles the word death in Japanese. The number 9 closely resembles the term for suffering in Japanese. This could mean that in this realm, there lies a great task of suffering (Pink Guy) and death (Safari Man) in order to achieve redemption.