- Frank greeting Chin-Chin here directly after his overly long entrance

Realm 9.444 OMN-6 (190624) is a Realm featured in the episode FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN.


Realm 9.444 OMN-6 (190624) is shown as place populated with many trees which form up a woodland, and also include a massive field of pricker bushes(dubbed rice fields). The only known location in Realm 9.444 OMN-6 (190624) is the Feild(sic) of Redemption, where the battle between Filthy Frank and Chin Chin begins. The population of Realm 9.444 OMN-6 (190624) is unknown, but is inhabited as seen when 2 women were seen going for a walk.


  • The numbers 9 and 4 are considered to be numbers with bad luck in Japan. The number 4 resembles the word death in Japanese. The number 9 closely resembles the term for suffering in Japanese. This could mean that in this realm, there lies a great task of death(possibly Safari Man) and suffering(possibly Pink Guy) in order to achieve redemption.

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