Realm 90 (Grasslands)
Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.21.41 PM
Fake Frank shooting in the outskirts of Realm 90
Vital statistics
Type Realm
Level Unknown
Location Dimention 12--4th OMN
Inhabitants United Realms
Fake Frank (seasonal residence)
Prisoners (includes Frank, Pink Guy, Salamander Man and Red Dick)
Wheelz's Hoe

Realm 90, also known as the Grasslands, is a Realm where Chin-Chin and the United Realms settled their HQ. They manage all the Realms and Sub-Realms under the Dark Lord's control. In WORST FILM EVER (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL), Frank comes here to speak with Chin-Chin about curing Dade.

Not much is known about the United Realms itself, only that Realm 90 is where the headquarters are located and they lent a conference room to Frank to speak with Chin-Chin in. It is also said that this realm has a mysterious prison full of weeaboos located in the outskirts of this realm, which is said that Frank, Pink Guy, Red Dick and Salamander Man were held captive. Realm 90 is also where Wheelz and his grifriend lives by now.

In FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN, it is revealed that Fake Frank owns a personal aiport and shooting range in this realm, meaning that he possibly owns a seasonal residence out there. This is where he sets off on a journey to kill Frank, but eventually Real Frank defeats him in The Battle of Jew Central with the help of Mr. Negi Generation 3000.


Chin Chin discussing with Frank about Dade in the UR conference room

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