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"Frank, what is this?"

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Realm 90 has a very mysterious prison section on its outskirts filled with Weeaboos and what Chin-Chin calls 'Traitors'. Well-known people who have been here include: Papa Franku (Section 6D, Cell 13, 10,000 CH), Salamander Man (Section 6D, Cell 68, 5,000 CH), Red Dick (Section 2A, Cell 3, 250 CH) and Pink Guy (Section 6D, Cell 5, 20,000 CH). Some currently unknown species are suspected to be imprisoned in Section 6D, but many say Realm 6 has 2 extra dimensions: North Korea (Holds up so called 'Extreme Traitors') and the Weeaboo Death Camp (Holds up most Weeaboos). Weeaboo Jones claimed he was held up at both until his death.

Chin-Chin and Franku have never mentioned these extra dimensions or the Imprisonment, but many people believe it may be a huge cover-up since Frank doesn't want his friends being taken away again. We may never know the true story of the largest and most ominous prison of Realm 90.

A well-known professor of the prison (Professor Simon P.) had been suspected to have leaked out this information. He is currently now placed in Section 6D, Cell 69. As Chin-Chin hand-picks who goes in and out of the prison, nobody knows the fate of this Professor but some videos could be leaked, revealing his position and living conditions. Everything else still remains unknown.

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