A craeture in pink from anoether omniverse?
I thought this realm was abandoned!
- Green Cunt spots Pink Guy in East Vegetation 6

East Vegetation 6 is a realm in the Filthy Frank universe. It is featured in the video "A WAR IS COMING...", where it was traversed by Pink Guy in an effort to find Francis of the Filth.

It is a vast, woodland realm that appears to have strong links with other realms, but is otherwise a largely abandoned wasteland.


In the video 'A WAR IS COMING...' Pink Guy leaves home in order to find Frank when he realized that the current Frank is an imposter. He travels through East Vegetation 6 in hopes of finding his friend, but is surprised to see a Lycra by the name of Green Cunt. The two battle, and when it seems like Green Cunt has the upper hand, Salamander Man appears and defeats him.

The reason why Pink Guy was searching for Filthy Frank in this specific location is unknown. It may be possible that this realm is some common "crossroad" realm in which many interdimensional travellers use it as a mid section or resting place for longer trips, or it lies close to many other dimensions in space-time yet is very accessible. Of course, Pink Guy may simply be retarded and just picked a random realm to start looking for Filthy Frank in.


The flora looks very similar to plants on earth, but are actually formed by branching, pulp-filled tubes, structurally supported by silicone. Ferns and flowering plants have been invasive to this realm for millions of chromosomes. The only living animals despite the population of seven are passerine birds such as the cardinal and a dwarf species of domestic goat. Despite having large amounts of flora and audible forest creatures, East Vegetation 6 shows little signs of human or lycra population. The realm had 7 official residents at the time of Pink Guy's trip. None of these residents are known, however.

There is a large amount of infrastructure in the realm (or at least the section shown in "A WAR IS COMING..."), including a water pipe, sewer grate, a road, and several small buildings. This implies that there may have been, at one point, a significant population in the realm. In "A WAR IS COMING...", Green Cunt remarks upon seeing Pink Guy, "I thought this realm was abandoned! What are you do here?!" This statement implies that he has seen a significant enough section of the realm to assume its population.

Only three entities have been known to ever exist inside the realm: Pink Guy, Green Cunt, and Salamander Man. While Pink Guy is searching for Frank on his expedition, and Salamander Man comes to get the coordinates, it is unknown why Green Cunt is present in the realm. A known realm scavenger, it can be assumed that he is searching for something, but what exactly it is remains unknown.

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