Realm iii, also known as the Spirit Realm or Realm 3, is a realm that Filthy Frank visits in the episode WORST FILM EVER (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL), seeking the aid of the Shaman.

The Realm hosts the Shaman's chamber, where he slumbers in a filled bathtub when he is not healing those who are ill. It is also host to Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan: 國語, Mainland China: 普通话) speakers, Mandarin is the standard language of Taiwan, and knowing the Shaman is Taiwanese, this suggests it may be located in Taiwan.

It is quite possible that, as this is also known as the Spirit Realm, this is where the dead go after death. This is quite possibly where Dade operates his Twitter from, despite being deceased since approximately -30,000 CH, but it has been confirmed that he, along with Evil Dade, go instead to the Bald Chocolate Afterlife.

In "PINK SEASON: THE PROPHECY", Realm 6.2 was incorrectly known as Realm iii.

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