So many different places to choose from...
- Chin-Chin on the other realms.

Realms are strange, mystical parallel universes that make up the Filthy Frank Omniverse. While having similar characteristics throughout each of them, Realms are vastly different from each other in terms of shape, size, and population. The only way to go to a Realm other than your own is to either:

Of course, finding or having these is not an easy task.

List of Realms

Realm 0 (Ground Zero)

Contains the Ricefields. Exists at the edge of the Omniverse.


Realm 00000

Contains the Vegan Protection Chamber, similar to the Weeaboo Protection Chamber in Realm 900. Fake Frank visits it before it is taken over by SunCorp.


Realm iii

Home to the Shaman, and inhabited by people who speak Mandarin Chinese.


Realm 6

Split up into multiple dimensions. Contains parts of Florida, as well as the entirety of Pakistan and two Africas.


Realm 6.2

The Realm where Frank and his friends live. They defend it against the evil forces which intend to destroy the only good left in the universe. Most of Earth is located in this realm.


Chloroplast 7 (Negi Land)

Home of Veggie Cunt. Not much is known about this Realm, but it's assumed it's filled with roots and vegetables. The Mr. Negi family may have originated here.


Realm 9.12 (Virgin Realm)

Home of Weeaboo Jones. Nothing else is known.


Monoxide 12

Contains the Battlegrounds, the hideout of Chin-Chin. It is seen as an area mostly underneath an urban bridge covered in graffiti, which appeals to Pookie.


Realm 69 (Anime City)

A dangerous and volatile place filled with weeaboos and animespawns.


Realm 88 (Aqua Centauri)

Privately owned by SunCorp. Frank and Salamander Man resided here while hiding from the peace^lords.


Realm 90 (United Realms Headquarters)

The Realm where Chin-Chin and the United Realms manage all of the Realms and Sub-Realms under the Dark Lord's control.


Pangea 308.62

Home to an abandoned city. After Chromosome Kid escaped and Frank could no longer use him to generate food, he sent Safari Man here to retrieve some butter. Dade used to live here.


Realm 305 (Hood Realm)

Made up of city slums and alleyways. Fake Frank can occasionally be seen here, gambling with some of his kokujin friends. The Gatekeeper came here to retrieve Frank after an absence of videos. In LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS 4, it's noted as 6 million chromosomes. Whether that is the age of the Realm or the date is unclear.



A rough, hostile, dry Dimension. Home of Anything4Views. The common hunting grounds for Bounty Hunter Frank and his cloak-wearing goons.


Realm 492.8888 (Luxury Realm)

A Realm full of cheap deals and coupons. The department store of the Omniverse.


Realm 900

Home of the Weeaboo Protection Chamber. This Realm was abandoned, which is why the Weeaboo Protection Chamber was built there - to minimize casualties.


Realm 3009 (Neo-Pakistan)

A strange, dystopian version of Pakistan, being even worse than it already was. Home of the infamous medical genius, Dr. Sack.


Realm East Vegetation 6

A lush forested area with only seven inhabitants, one of them being Green Cunt.


Realm 888 (The Root Farm)

Given that it is Mr. Negi V's realm of origin, it's safe to say that leeks are the "root" in question. Outside of that, nothing else is known.



Home of Hazmat Beast. Chances are, this Realm is highly radioactive, named after the Fukushima Power Plant that was destroyed and leaked in 2011. Nothing else is known.


Ratchet Realm

A Realm in which many inhabitants are "ratchet". It's said to be a place of violence, where everyone says "bruh" but apparently does not know how to save pictures. Rumour has it that its citizens wear nothing but Yankee snap backs and precious Timbs. Nothing else is known.


Realm Barron-44

A temperate, vegetation-rich realm with a city on the outskirts. Inhabited by the Tap Brothers.


Realm 9.444 OMN-6 (190624)

A realm where Chin-Chin escaped to after cursing Pink Guy and killing Safari Man. Real Frank appeared through a portal to this realm with a 40 and a blunt and battled Chin-Chin after this incident. (In the video FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN)


Realm 90 (Grasslands)

A wide savannah-like realm filled mostly with grasses and trees. In the events of FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN, Fake Frank set off on a journey starting in Realm 90 to assassinate the real Frank.


Realm 1197(Pink Guy HQ)

An urban realm where it appears Pink Guy has set up a home with a dog named Derek. He has his Time Machine/Car there that is recognizable from the Pink Season album. The population and state of the realm is unknown at this time


Shadow Realm (Sub-realm)

The highly ominous but frequently mentioned shadow realm was finally revealed in FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN. Home of the condemned, Chin Chin curses Pink Guy there, driving him nearly insane. This realm appears to not be an actual physical realm, but either a complete manifestation of the traveler's worst fears and nightmares, or a metaphysical area available to all subconsciousnesses, but warps itself differently based on who enters it. The condemned are men with cloth covering their entire face with fire coming from their hands who do not die, who walk slowly to who they encounter by psychologically breaking them down until those who enter the shadow realm eventually join them, such as when they told Pink Guy that "there is no Francis of the Filthy, Francis of the Filth died many years ago."


Also known as The Afterlife is the realm where the souls of entities from the omniverse happen to after they die, it is an unique realm in the fact that it is unreachable by the means which are usually used for travel between realms, such as portal or teleportation, and can only be reached by dying, either through natural causes, such as a disease, or intentionally taking ones own life in order to go there.

It is however, possible to exit the realm by conventional methods, though doing so requires an immense amount of chromosomes and is presumably not a viable option to most of its denizens, meaning that entities who are not powerful enough to perform the reincarnation jutsu themselves can only leave by being taken away by a stronger being.

Interestingly, it seems as though the realm has the unique effect of healing all wounds upon the bodies of those who visit, Frank (who had shot himself through the mouth with a pistol in order to visit) had no exit wound or bleeding and the effect was kept when he left, and Dade's terminal disease was completely cured.

It's unknown if this realm is the only one which attracts the souls of deceased entities, as the Shadow Realm has been implied to have similar effects.

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