Redirection Videos consist of two videos on the DizastaMusic channel that are designed to alert people that the show has moved to a different channel, that being TVFilthyFrank. These videos mark the end of the DizastaMusic channel as the upload stream there has ended.



 NEW CHANNEL: TVFILTHYFRANK was uploaded on August 15, 2014, and is currently the second to last video on the DizastaMusic channel. Its purpose was to redirect users waiting on the old channel to TVFilthyFrank. It is also the most useful out of the two videos.


The video starts off with Filthy Frank addressing how the DizastaMusic channel turned out, after all its many years of (ab)use. Frank also addresses how the channel is in no fit shape to continue on, as it has been stricken many times because of copyright and the content featured on the channel. He continued on to say how if he did keep uploading on DizastaMusic, the possibility of losing the whole channel would greatly increase, thus causing us to lose even more filth than we already have. And so, in order to keep the classic videos as well as continue the channel, Frank declares that TVFilthyFrank has become the main channel as DizastaMusic would be left as a Smithsonian of Filth. Frank also states how the show has become a lot filthier as a montage kicks in of the hell that has only just begun on TVFilthyFrank. After the cancer fest, Frank explains how he has received many messages every day from people stuck on the DizastaMusic about why there are no new uploads. Frank also states how TooDamnFilthy has become the secondary channel for The Filthy Frank Show, where it will hold the ungodly disgusting filth that doesn't even make it to the main channel. Frank ends the video off alerting the viewer about how he and Safari Man have recently seen one of Chin-Chin's henchmen, Plastic Pinocchio, while Chin-Chin himself has not been seen at all.




Annotation Text (Video Description)

please listen carefully. nothing has changed. the channel has not died. it just moved to a different location a while back. the show is the same.

kill me! haha!

 kill me! haha! was uploaded on March 8, 2015, and is currently the last video on the DizastaMusic channel. Its purpose was to redirect users that for some god forsaken reason have not yet realized that TVFilthyFrank is now the official channel.


Kill me! haha!00:44

Kill me! haha!

Video Description

sorry folks, stay subbed out of respect (you never know), but i still get people asking me why i dont upload on dizastamusic so this is just a reminder to those who are a little slower than usual.

The description also includes the Japanese characters 死ね, which translate to "die."


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