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F*ck my dead mother.
Biographical info

Human Garbage Disposal, The Metal Madman's Bitch

Species Human
Gender Male
Born Albany, New York in May 30, 1969
Residence a Cardboard box in Denver, Colorado Alley
Political info
Nationality American
Occupation Scammer,Fraud and Being the Metal Madman's Bitch
Rank Get's Zero Pussy!
Miscellaneous info
Actor/Actress As Himself

Christopher "TELETUBBIE" Schewe also known as SHOENICE is a Youtube persona who is known for eating non-edible objects. 

Shoenice is widely regarded as a mentally imbalanced person. On numerous occasions he'll post obscenity laced trades to Youtube in which he berates his followers, when he doesn't receive as much acknowledgement for his videos. His comments are well known as being verbally abusive including telling his fans to 'fuck my dead mother'. Shoenice's videos have been proven to be fake. In one instance he's seen putting the contents of a tube container into his mouth. The contents of the tube (similar to a toothpaste tube) begin to spill out the opposite end where it's evident that a cut has been made in the end of the tube. Shoenice has even ate dog shit in one of his videos.



Shoenice eats Dog shit!

During his stay in Florida Shoenice was living in a run down motel and going to local truck stops for drug money offering Lot Lizard Specials for $50 This has been confirmed by Larry Brovowsky.

Shoenice's obsession with The Metal Madman is endless he has made countless videos mentioning,threatening,blaming toward The Metal Madman Has mentioned Him in 50+ videos.

It's been reported that he heats up the tops of the liquor bottles to remove the seal, where he then replaces the contents with water and then chugs them. Shoenice often calls upon his fans to leave rude comments in the channels of other Youtubers, mainly people who also post food eating challenges. For example Shoenice has called on his fans to bombard the accounts of Metal Madman who has openly mocked Shoenice as being fake.

Shoenice makes claims they he gets laid a lot but confirmed by his former friend who stated " In the 3 years I have known Shoenice I never once have seen him with a single woman." Shoenice has made numerous videos in Florida where he claimed to have of had sex with the girl in the video but can never give proof.

Shoenice is a comulsive liar. On several occasions he's claimed to be quitting Youtube only to resurface the following day. Whether this is due to a mental instability or a deep seeded need for attention, we do not know. Shoenice has also said he's quitting Youtube for two weeks, only to return the next day. On September 31, 2016 he claimed

GCF Unleashes the Fury on Shoenice Part II- SHOENICE THE LOT LIZARD03:12

GCF Unleashes the Fury on Shoenice Part II- SHOENICE THE LOT LIZARD

Larry Brovowsky's Comment in video

d to be leaving for California where he was set to begin a new reality TV show where he was going to be housed in a condo pre-paid for the entire year. On October 1st, Shoenice posted a video that he was in California - a mere 24 hours before he'd been in Colorado. This was met with ridicule considering Shoenice had posted a Vine video on September 31 with a Colorado licence plate seen in the video. How could be travel 15 hours with the span of a day and be set up in a new location so soon?

Then on October 11th, Shoenice posted a video stating that in two weeks time he was going to be moving to California. Apparently too drunk on smoking his own underwear to realize that he had alleged he was already living in California.

There has never been any substantiated prove of a television series interested in a drunken man posting obscene rants, nor will there ever be. Shoenice will also never leave Colorado. Shoenice always attempts to scam and beg kids for money.

He is currently and will always be owned by THE METAL MADMAN BELIEVE IT!


Elle Confesses
Shoenice the racist

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