Pushi- wa doko da!?
Safari Man
Safari Man
Biographical info
Full name Safari Man
Aliases Japanese Farmer Man
Species Human
Gender Male
Born Exact date unknown but was born in Japan (obviously)
Relative(s) Salamander Man (possible relative)

Unnamed Sister

Residence Frank's apartment
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank

Private Japanese 101 Daycare

Nationality Japanese
Occupation Japanese instructor/ukulele player
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance WEIRD SHIT
Role Roommate
Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller
Safari Man is one of Frank's many roommates. He is a very stereotypical Japanese tourist with Frank's Secret, a liking of nuts and (like most of Frank's gang) pusi. Unlike Frank's other roommates, Safari Man is not a mysterious entity or Lycra and is a human being like Frank himself. Safari Man also hosted the Japanese 101 segment of the Filthy Frank Show. While not being a chef himself, he loves food and will often comment on food-related things over the course of the show. It is unknown if Safari Man was killed by Chin-Chin in "FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN".


Safari Man is the only entity that lives in Frank's apartment who converses in a proper, coherent language; though his dialogue is almost always Japanese accompanied by (inaccurate) English subtitles. Though he is very fluent in Japanese, he can be heard speaking with a deep southern accent in some of the Japanese 101 videos.

Similar to Frank, he will speak in Japanese sentences, but they will be illegitimately translated in the English subtitles. This is an inside joke, as unsuspecting viewers who do not speak Japanese will read the subtitles and attribute it to what he is saying. For example, in the episode "WEEABOOS", Safari Man enters and warns Frank of the coming weeaboo disease. In the English subtitles, it reads "We have to run!", but correctly translated, Safari Man actually says "I like pussy!".


Much like Pink Guy and Salamander Man, Safari Man is talented with music related activities. In this case, he plays the Ukulele quite well.

He also appears to have a advanced form of perception, as he was able to see through Chin-Chin's disguise as Creepy Dude, despite him being able to trick everyone else, as seen in the Takoyaki video.


In FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN, Safari Man was struck down by the Dark Lord by taking away his chromosomes. Causing him to collapse to the ground and bleed from the mouth while uttering perverted messages. Many believe that this would be the end of Safari Man, however it's possible that he survived as he was seen breathing (albeit slowly) at the end of the video. It's also possible that Chin Chin merely wanted to incapacitate Safari Man rather than kill him, though whether this is the case or he made an error in his attempt to kill him remains unknown.


  • "Wow Franku!" ("ワウ・フランク!")
  • "Do I smell octopus balls?" (私はたこ焼きの匂いか?)
  • "Ora manko ga daisuki nanda hahahaha" (オラマンコが大好きなんだハハハハ, lit. "I love vagina hahahaha")
  • "Pushi- wa doko da!?" (プシーはどこだ!?, lit. "Where's the pussy!?")
  • "Master Chef, my ass! You're just a fucking Rat!" (マスターシェフ私のお尻!あなたはクソラットだ!)


  • In "ASIANS PISS ME OFF", Safari Man once fused with Salamander Man.
  • Safari Man is sometimes referred to as "Japanese Farmer Man".
  • Frank sometimes wanted to kick out Safari Man out of his apartment. It was once seen in "CHIN CHIN SACRIFICE", where Frank said to Chin-Chin to take him instead of Salamander Man, as he called him an asshole when Safari Man was spewing shit on a Ratatouille movie box cover.
  • It seems like Safari Man sleeps inside Frank's closet, as he was seen numerous times inside.
  • In "WEIRD SHIT", Safari Man first said English sentences but with a very strong stereotypical Japanese accent. He said:
    • "My nipplusu aro so hardo likea DIAMANDU!!!!!" and;
    • "My penisu isu largu likea ELEPHANTU!!!!!"
  • In "ASIANS PISS ME OFF", when Frank referenced that an Asian kid beside him at school was doing some weird stuff and that he farted a lot, he most likely referenced Safari Man, as he came out from behind the door.
  • It appears that Safari Man does not only want pusi, but instead a naked female body overall, as he was seen jerking off to a Victoria's Secret magazine, in "CHIN CHIN (A SERIOUS VIDEO)" and "CHIN CHIN (ORIGINAL)". This possibly means that Safari Man has a lot of porn magazines for himself, probably the reason why Frank wants to kick him out of his apartment.
  • If Safari Man can be heard speaking in a very deep southern accent in "JAPANESE 101 - HOT DOG", it is revealed that he actually has a sister and raped a random guy (presumably his sister's boyfriend) in front of a lot of kids in his daycare center, which he stole the house from the same guy he raped. It is unknown if Safari Man is involved in multiple lawsuits such as rape, trespassing, pedophilia and illegal commercial activities.



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