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Season 2 is the second season of the Filthy Frank Show uploaded on the DizastaMusic channel between August 5, 2011 and December 15, 2011. It is also called Season 2011 by some. It consists of 24 episodes. Most of these episodes can only be found on other channels who saved the videos before they got taken down or stole them from others who have.


  1. Filthy Shit (Aug 5)
  2. Black People Don't Let Me Freestyle (Aug 20)
  3. First Day Of School (Aug 24)
  4. Joining The Football Team (Sep 3)
  5. Phone Call to Sesame Street Taken Down (Sep 11)
  6. Filthy Frank - HATER COMMENTS (Sep 11)
  7. Pigeons and Gay Pride Taken Down (Sep 14)
  8. IMPORTANT MESSAGE Taken Down (Sep 18)
  9. What Not To Say On Your First Date Taken Down (Sep 18)
  10. Asian Nerd Raps Taken Down (Sep 21)
  11. Nerd Loves Jersey Shore Taken Down (Sep 24)
  12. Asians Piss Me Off (Sep 28)
  13. Asian Nerd Says N-Word (Oct 1)
  14. People Don't Like Me Taken Down (Oct 3)
  15. Nerd Got Rejected By A Girl (Oct 5)
  16. Giant Cockroach Taken Down (Oct 9)
  17. I HATE BULLIES Taken Down (Oct 12)
  18. What Is SWAG Taken Down (Oct 19)
  19. Asian Nerd Hates Halloween Taken Down (Oct 23)
  20. I Love Haters (Oct 26)
  21. How Not To Talk To Woman Taken Down (Nov 2)
  22. Hater Of The Week Taken Down (Nov 6)
  23. Filthy Frank - Who's The Sucker (Gangster Rap) (Nov 9)
  24. I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER Taken Down (Nov 13)
  25. A Filthy Frank Christmas Taken Down (Dec 15)