If you're a dog you can shit and have humans pick up your shit.
Biographical info
Aliases Portuguese Prostitute
Species Kokujin
Gender Male
Residence Portugal or Brazil
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank
Nationality Portuguese
Occupation Prostitute
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Loser Reads Hater Comments 3
Role Opinionator
Simone is a minor character that first appeared in the Loser Reads Hater Comments 3 episode. Being a prostitute, Simone was probably hired to entertain Frank, Mr. Negi V and Hazmat Beast. It is not stated which realm he hails from, but it is assumed that he is from Portugal.

Simone's philosophy is noticeably more skeptical and idealistic than the other two in the "Would You Rather" crew, and he expresses opportunistic and mildly unorthodox opinions when giving his answers. Simone is the coolest bitch-banging freethinker since Nietzsche killed God.


  • When Simone's name and occupation get revealed; Portuguese is misspelled as "portugese"
  • It seems that Mao Zedong is Simone's hero.
  • Simone seems to hate Mother Teresa.