You know, uh, Hera-hera-HERASHIMA happened, so you know what can happen.
Snake Lord
Snake Lord
Biographical info
Species Kokujin
Gender Male
Political info
Affiliation Green Team
Occupation Mouse Better
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Filthy Frank Vs Animal Rights
Role Antagonist
Actor/Actress Nick Cannon
Snake Lord is a Kokujin who appears in Filthy Frank Vs Animal Rights. He is seen wearing a purple hat, glasses, and a cape. Snake Lord was the leader of the Green Team mouse betting team and the antagonist to Fake Frank, who impersonates Frank, and is the leader of the Blue Team. The Snake Lord is played by EttiCohn. In Fake Frank's confrontation with him, he calls Fake Frank "Ling-Ling".

The Snake Lord lives up to his name, as he has over 400 wins in the mouse-betting scene, with 412 victories and only nine deaths to his statistics. Amazingly, the Lord has 800 confirmed mice deaths, but embarrassingly 102 canceled Wild 'n Out episodes.

Behind The Scenes

The name 'Snake Lord' is a possible reference to the 2014 Nigerian move of the same name, which is also shot with about the same amount of quality as the Filthy Frank video he appears in.

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