- Pink Guy wrestling Soap Bottle
Soap Bottle
Screenshot 20170711-154633
Pink Guy presenting his tutorial on how to use soap
Biographical info
Species Soap Bottle (possibly demon)
Gender None
Born Either Jacksonville, Florida, Monoxide 12 or Realm 492.8888 (Luxury Realm)
Residence Frank's Apartment
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance BASED ON A TRUE STORY
Role Minor Antagonist
Actor/Actress Itself

Soap Bottle is a minor character featured in BASED ON A TRUE STORY.


Pink Guy was presenting a tutorial on how to use soap when suddently Soap Bottle came out to be alive. It appears that both were fighting on the hallway until Pink Guy got up and threw a pile of trash paper on it, which immediately killed Soap Bottle.


There is speculation that this soap bottle is not an object but a demonic creature that Chin-Chin has created from either Jacksonville, Florida or Monoxide 12. However, it is possible that this specific object is just a product that Chin-Chin has stolen from the market and put spells on it so it becomes alive with a demonic touch, and so he puts it back inside the store that he stole it from and wait until someone buys it and so it steals and kills the buyer's soul or it takes possession of the victim. However, if this theory applies, Chin-Chin may have not given enough powers to it, making that Pink Guy could have killed it with one throw of a box of paper.