Sunglasses seem to be powerful objects in the Filthy Frank omniverse. They seem to be used by the people wearing them to disguise themselves and go unnoticed. Although it is never said in the series that they have the power of disguise many characters are seen wearing them while being in disguise or in hiding. No doubt the character most known for wearing them is the mysterious Impostor Frank

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Frank wearing sunglasses while in hiding from Chin-Chin

Uses in the series

  • In the video WHERE ARE THE SACRIFICES??? Frank announces that he is in hiding from Chin-Chin and is in disguise. Here he once again seen using sunglasses as a disguise, supporting the theory that they have some sort of power of disguise.
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    Frank's disguise in toilet sriracha shrimp which includes sunglasses

    In the video 
    Toilet Sriracha Shrimp where Frank is seen hiding from the Peace^lords he wears a disguise that includes a hat, some sort of robe and a pair of strange sunglasses
  • While not in disguise the character Kamikaze Failure Frank is seen wearing sunglasses as part of his style 
  • Fake Frank is seen almost always wearing some sort of glasses or goggles. He first appears in Toilet Sriracha Shrimp where he wears sunglasses similar to those worn by Frank in WHERE ARE THE SACRAFICES??? He then switches to his well known spiderman shades. In I HATE VEGANS he is seen sporting of pair of orange eye wear. In a COTW video on TooDamnFilthy he is seen wearing regular glasses with a flower on them. The imposter has recently started wearig a pair of large goggles as well as his usual sunglasses in videos such as JAPANESE 101 - I DON'T GIVE A FUCK and HUMAN CAKE.  It is yet to be revealed why the Frank impersonator always seems to need to wear someting on his eyes. 
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    Fake Frank in I HATE VEGANS

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    The impostor in FILTHY 2016

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    "You're an impostor"