TEMPURA BOYZ SEASON 1 TEASER!! (read description) was published on July 28, 2008 and is the fourth video uploaded to the DizastaMusic Channel. 


  • Red Fly
  • Blue Moth
  • White Ant
  • Dr. Sugihara


Jorge Miller, Bryan Ito, and Takahiro Kono (The Tempura Boyz) hear a blasting sound go off in the distance. They all follow the source and end up in a sandy area where three items are laid out for them. Jorge picks up a watch, Bryan picks up a belt, and Takahiro receives what appears to be a spray paint can. After observing the items, Dr. Sugihara (Sonny Bautista) appears, demanding that the items be given to him, as they possess special powers. The protagonists refuse to give in to his demands, resulting in Dr. Sugihara transporting Takahiro and tying him against a pole. Jorge and Bryan transform into the Red Fly and the Blue Moth respectively, starting a fight with the antagonist and using powers of invisibility and super speed to shake him up. Dr. Sugihara makes the Blue Moth disappear, but by this time, Takahiro has gotten himself untied and proceeds to transform into the White Ant.


  • "Smash Sumthin' (Explicit) (feat. Adam F.)" by Redman