The Filipino
Biographical info
Full name Unknown
Aliases b0ss

The Filipino (called by the Big Guy)

Species Narrator
Gender Male
Born Unknown, but is obviously born in the Phillipines
Relative(s) Pink Guy (possible brother or cousin)
Residence The Phillipines
Political info
Affiliation Filthy Frank
Nationality Filipino
Occupation Narrator
Rank Frank's personal narrator
Miscellaneous info


Role Frank's personal narrator
Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller
- The Big Guy calling him out as he recognises him

The Filipino is a minor character that appears in "CHIN CHIN SACRIFICE" and "BAD NARRATION (FULL). He appears to be chased by The Big Guy and Kyle.


The Filipino appepars to be Filthy Frank's personal narrator, as he starts to speak after Salamander Man gets kidnapped by Chin-Chin. When he proceeds to talk, he gets interrupted by Kyle and The Big Guy. The Big Guy proceeds to chase him but the Filipino already ran away very quickly. He also manages to escape Kyle's shots from his Desert Eagle (either in .50 Action Express or .440 Cor-Born. When he appears a third time, the Big Guy proceeds to shoot him with his Filipino Killer 9000. It is unknown if he got mowed down by the prototype weapon or he escaped the shots.

It is unknown if he got chased by Kyle and the Big Guy either because they are white supremacists hating on Asians or he was harrassing them by calling them "b0ss".


The Filipino appears to be a hyperactive character, as he was playing behind Kyle and The Big Guy. He seems to call everyone "b0ss", like Pink Guy calls everyone in outdoors. The Big Guy believes that he's the fastest Filipino that he has ever seen, as he also believes that he eats a lot of chicken adobo.


  • Due to the fact that he's a Filipino and he overuses the word b0ss, people came out with a new word known as "Filthipino". Filthy Frank later posted a blog on Facebook asking if he should call his fans "Filthipinos", as seen here.
  • It is unknown if The Filipino has any connections to Manny Pacquiao.

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