The Ricefields
The Ricefields
Vital statistics
Type Realm/Location
Level Unknown
Location Realm 0
Inhabitants Farmers

Salamander Man (Formerly) Tit Job Specialist

Welcome to the Ricefields, motherfucker.
- Filthy Frank in the Ricefields

The Ricefields (Ground Zero) is situated in Realm 0 on the edge of the omniverse. This realm is guarded by Franku and is the humble abode of Salamander Man. It is speculated that a high concentration of autism causes the large amount of rice in this realm via a process known as the Cchan Effect. Frank himself used to live here, but has now migrated to the Nairobi Desert.

Upon entering The Ricefields for the first time, the individual in question is subjected to a bizarre and often homoerotic initiation ritual. People who have been subjected to this gay ass ritual are unwilling to speak of it in detail. It is believed to begin with a ceremonial greeting similar to the one shown in the gallery.

The Ricefields are both disturbing yet a place to marvel at. Few who are banished to the horrid place come back with their sanity intact. You tend to lose your sense of time as well, considering time is measured in Chromosomes there.

Filthy Frank's Journey

Filthy Frank was banished back to Ground Zero during the episode Chin Chin Sacrifice 2015 - Frank's Journey after he refused to hand over Pink Guy to Chin-Chin as a part of his sacrifice. He has wandered the Rice Fields for over 800,000 CH looking for his companions, while Fake Frank took his place on the YouTube Channel. He is also in hiding from the Peace^lords with Salamander Man whilst trying to transmit his coordinates to Pink Guy.

Filthy Frank returns from the ricefields in FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN to battle Chin-Chin and Fake Frank in The Battle of Jew Central.


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