A WAR IS COMING... - episode depicting that that the war is near.

The War is an upcoming event that has been developing for over a year now. The War is first mentioned in I HATE VEGANS and most recently FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN



Fan art for the war

The lead up to the war begins in Chin Chin Sacrifice 2015 - Frank's Journey where Frank is banished to the rice fields by Chin-Chin. The dark lord then recruits one of his many minions known as Fake Frank to impersonate Frank. Frank goes on many adventures trying to escape from the rice fields before seemingly disappearing. The Frank impersonator then fully takes over the channel and for a months uploads content in the place of Frank. No one questions the impostor until the video I HATE VEGANS where Veggie Cunt calls out the faker stating that he's "not the real Frank". A WAR IS COMING... involves Pink Guy going out in search of the real Frank after becoming suspicious of the impostor but is told by Salamander Man to return home so the a Fake Frank does not find out. The beginning of the war itself starts in FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN where Chin-Chin begins his plan to start taking away chromosomes directly from people as opposed to from sacrifices. He is temporarily stopped by the returned real Frank who has now grown in power and might be a Peace Lord. Frank, Pink Guy, and Yung Upgrade (Negi Generation 3000) face off against Chin-Chin, Fake Frank, and one of the Tap Brothers. Later in the fight they are assisted by E.T. who returns to help his old friend. Fake Frank is roasted by Yung Upgrade although it is unknown if he lived after the second roast, even though he survived the first. Frank then states that the war is coming soon and that Chin-Chin will do anything to get chromosomes and that he has very powerful allies.

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