It is my dream to get a titjob from a big breasted lady.
Tit Job Specialist
"It hurts so good!"
Biographical info
Full name Tit Job Specialist
Aliases Titjob
Species Human
Gender Male
Relative(s) Filthy Frank (Brother)

Pink Guy (distant cousin)

Prometheus (Possible Father)

Black Friend (Possible Brother)

Chin-Chin (Possible Mother)

Residence Rice Fields
Political info
Affiliation Friend/Enemy of Filthy Frank
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Specializes in titjobs
Rank Lower chromosome level than Pink Guy
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance DICK PAYS RENT


Role Fireworks Specialist

Tit Job Specialist is a very hyperactive and creepy friend of Filthy Frank that participated in the Batsu Fireworks Tournament. He is also a weird unisex sexy anime cosplayer. His hair is fashioned in a bob manner and is a hue of magenta, he usually wears a Japanese sailor fuku (which may be stolen from one of his tit patients). Tit Job wears black spectacles and completes the look with an edgy hip-hoppy swag cap.

Tit Job Specialist is not one of the Lycra People but might have some distant relation to them. He speaks Japanese fluently and knows some English. It is shown in "JAPANESE FIREWORKS CHALLENGE" that Tit Job Specialist likes to torment Frank because he shot lethal fireworks at him before the challenge began. In the fireworks challenge, Tit Job Specialist is not played by Markiplier, a famous youtube gamer, contrary to popular belief. [1].

When on his Man-Period, Tit Job Specialist's power increases dramatically. He also once fucked Filthy Frank in the ass.

In the Batsu Fireworks Tournament, Frank and Red Dick had enough of his bullshit and forced him to take fifteen fireworks to his rear. He received several burn injuries on his thighs from the fireworks. They probably stung a lot and he should put some anti-bacterial cream or something on there before it gets infected.


  1. Multiple Fireworks
  2. Enhanced Man-Period Strength
  3. Kinkiness
  4. Extreme Pain-tolerance


  • Tit Job Specialist and Frank seem to share a sexual relationship as seen in "JAPANESE FIREWORKS CHALLENGE", although that may just be because of Tit Job Specialist's strange and kinky character.
  • Tit Job Specialist once beat up Prometheus in physical combat while on his man-period as shown in "PINK GUY - KILL YOURSELF"
  • Tit Job Specialist is Filthy Frank's younger brother, as shown by this tweet
    • It seems quite impossible, as Frank's dad is believed to be Dade.
  • Tit Job Specialist appears to be a sadomasochist, as he loves inflicting pain on others and appears to be turned on by having pain inflicting on himself, as seen when shot with fireworks, which he then proceeded to embrace Frank and grind against him.
  • In earlier episodes, Tit Job Specialist was played by George Miller such as "Japanese 101: Pubes" though, they may not be the same character despite the huge relations.
  • Purple is Tit Job Specialist's natural hair color, as his pubes are also purple.
  • Tit Job Specialist's gender is unknown by many people, but in ULTIMATE JUSTGIRLYTHINGS, the clip from JAPANESE FIREWORKS CHALLENGE where Frank and Red Dick slap Tit Job Specialist's ass is shown after the picture that says "Supporting Gay Rights"


  • "It hurts so good!"
  • "Bitch!"
  • "Paizuri!"
  • "Shit nigga!"


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