The United Realms is a government organization in the Filthy Frank Universe.


Chin-Chin and the United Realms work together to govern all of the Realms and their subsidiary locations within the Omniverse, under the Dark Lord Chin-Chin's command. Little else is known about the United Realms and their government operations, but what is known is that their headquarters is based in Realm 90.

UR Conference Room


Frank sitting at a table in the Conference Room.

In WORST FILM EVER (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL), Frank attends a meeting with Chin-Chin to ask for assistance with curing Dade in the UR Conference Room, located in the conference center. It has a white board with foul messages written on it, a table, and some chairs. It also has a water cup, presumably used to summon Chin-Chin.

It has yet to be claimed that Sonny Bautista was an employee of the United Realms, but then Chin-Chin fired him for unknown reasons, as the white board in the conference room says "FUCK SONNY BAUTISTA".