Many people who have watched Filthy Frank hold a strong opinion on him. He seems polarizing, either you love him or hate him (though this obviously doesn't apply to everyone). His obscure style, strong language, heavy satire and social commentary can be controversial, and people may find him simpy outright...filthy. But obviously people also find him hilarious, and sometimes behind his absurd beliefs (which may or may not be fake half of the time) people find some truth.

Now, I'm obviously a fan of Frank. I think he's a genius in his own right. He harnesses the ability to create characters, settings, plots and even mythology which are expansive--yet still whimsical and not meant to be taken seriously. He's created many different characters and proved resourcefulness by using every prop and suit he can use to differentiate characters.

The Worst Film Ever is another marvel in my opinion, and it caaptivates my point to the exact measure. He's able to form a universe with religion and culture, he's able to form characters we grow to love. He maintains his obvious strengths in this art, yet is still comedic and obviously has no intentions for everything to be taken seriously like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

People may make fun of him and call him autistic, outrageous, discourteous, vile, foul-mouthed and flat-out-filthy, but that's what the fans love. We can appreciate his insanity and sometimes straight up stupid or rude comedy, but that goes so well when accompanied by his expansive universe he's created as well.

All in all, I find Frank to be a modern mastermind of satire and parody. His social commentary is always blunt and frank (get it?), he's obviously rude and exaggerates often, yet his comedy is so out of proportions that we can laugh while we get a new perspective on our community--as people on the internet. His stories can be captivating and exciting, yet still making us laugh and sometimes shed a tear as we make our ribs sore. Good on you, Frank.

Good on you.

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