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    When I watch Filthy Frank from the beginning, I tend to add some extra story in my mind in between the videos so they'd make sense, you know? I'd think, Salamander Man must have originally been some mutated fungus-like disease on Pink Guy, and then he grew into his own form, that's why there was that one video with Pink Guy dressed up as Salamander Man. Black friend was actually a figment of imagination for Pink Guy, making up for a friend who would be as close to him as that. (that got disproven in this video though.) Stuff like that, to make the show more enjoyable and consistant, and looking throught the wiki, I'm pretty sure most of you can relate. But there's been one question that's been bothering me since the early lore:

    What's up with…

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    I'm tired so I'll make this fast.

    Pink guy used to make more simple and "innocent" music before Frank was sent to the ricefields.

    Heck, in "balls in my face," he was trying to rap about helping the world. While not every song at that time had such a good message behind it, you have to admit it had a lighter tone and feel to it.

    At the end of the music video which came out after Chin Chin sacrifice 2015 , we see Chin Chin still at the monoxide realm, waiting for something to happen.

    After that his music got a darker and faster tone, rapping not about food for the most part, but drugs, suicidal tendicies, and murder.

    Granted, this was a slow transition, but it's noticable.

    And for those who are just like ehhh, Joji didn't plan it that way, he just…

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