New nasheed 2016

aka GeorgeWashingtonCarver

  • I live in The 1800's
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is Youtube Meme Generator
  • I am Meme
  • New nasheed 2016

    I just thought that I would use up the rest of my time here to do some free advertising.

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  • New nasheed 2016

    With recent tensions and new developements with impostor frank and veggie cunt, we confirmed that the frank portrayed with sunglasses was not the real frank. The episode ends with a dark turn as impostor frank declares that "There will be a war." Whether this was a declaration of war against the one true frank, or simply a statement that war is coming, it is unclear but I for one am exited for the upcoming video.

    Btw I'm vegan so therefore I'm better than all of you. Im a class 9000 vegan, I only don't consume anything that has a physical form. 

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