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  • I am depression of the crippling variety

    Realm c.38428, Realm of the Drones

    All was well on Earth, during this fine day. Drones roamed the skies, some drones on the streets talking to other drones. Drones sang and chirped, the humans hiding in the sewers shivering at their noises. In the distance, at a Black Mesa research facility reclaimed by Mother Nature, a green sphere appeared in the grass fields. Out of it came a man in a skin tight, semen white outfit, wearing shades with Minion stickers all over it. He appeared to be a lycra, a mystical species that roamed these lands. Another followed, this one wearing Phase 1 Nazitrooper armor and wielding a ChromoTech heavy blaster rifle. He put his fists on his hips and scanned the broken down building like a hawk, nodding before walki…

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