Realm c.38428, Realm of the Drones

All was well on Earth, during this fine day. Drones roamed the skies, some drones on the streets talking to other drones. Drones sang and chirped, the humans hiding in the sewers shivering at their noises. In the distance, at a Black Mesa research facility reclaimed by Mother Nature, a green sphere appeared in the grass fields. Out of it came a man in a skin tight, semen white outfit, wearing shades with Minion stickers all over it. He appeared to be a lycra, a mystical species that roamed these lands. Another followed, this one wearing Phase 1 Nazitrooper armor and wielding a ChromoTech heavy blaster rifle. He put his fists on his hips and scanned the broken down building like a hawk, nodding before walking towards it. 

"Ay, think this would hold a good meth lab mang?" the lycra asked his companion, bending down and picking a fresh mushroom growing on the corpse of a vortigaunt. "I don't know boss, you're the cook-"

Blue and red lights flashed behind them, four drones with belly mounted miniguns approaching them. "By the order of the Council, drop your weapons and put your hands above your head." the two flying robots yelled in a monotone voice. "Oh shit, it's the fuzz!" the lycra screamed, hopping away into the facility while the trooper, being smarter than the average human, dropped his weapon and surrendered. A drone flew after the white suited lycra, firing a death laser and hitting him in the back. 

"Anti-citizen terminated, jumper refused to resist." a drone officer reported to the Council through it's comm link. Two drones wielding holographic handcuffs hovered below the shaking Nazi, before one got a bullet through the wing. 

"11-99, officer needs assistance!" the drone reported, readying it's weapon. This was futile, as it was also shot in the wings. Two human snipers, perched at the top of the Black Mess facility, wielding decade old human-made firearms and wielding security outfits. The Nazitrooper picked up his blaster and shot at one of the drones, making it burst into flames. The drones distracted by snipers, he ran to his fallen lycra. He cursed, upon seeing the black mark left by the laser on his back. However, a short man in a lab coat approached the two. "Oh, what a nasty wound you have. Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit." the scientist said, jabbing the lycra's corpse with a syringe filled with a green liquid. 

why am I doing this

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