Veggie Cunt
Veggie Cunt
Biographical info
Full name Veggie Cunt
Aliases Vegan Cunt
Species Lycra/Vegetable Hybrid
Gender Androgynous
Residence Chloroplast 7 (Negi Land)
Political info
Affiliation Vegans
Occupation Vegan
Rank Hipster/Vegan
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance I HATE VEGANS
Role Minor Antagonist
Actor/Actress George "Joji" Miller
Veggie Cunt is a character who appears in I HATE VEGANS. They seem to be a Vegetable Suit Lycra who rapidly changes appearance. Veggie Cunt is a vegan who stands for the rights of animals. After hearing that Frank was ranting about the vegans, Veggie Cunt pursued Frank all the way to the Vegan Protection Chamber, where he first told Frank to eat his vegetables and showed off his quinoa meal. Veggie Cunt attacked by throwing vegetables, immobilizing Frank and showing just how powerful he is. The video states that the budget was too low to show the effects of his attack, which possibly points to it being a power too complex to show without proper equipment. He gives Frank a vegan chicken sandwich, which cost $19. However, he knew that the Frank he encountered was an impostor and was hiding from the Peace^lords.


Veggie Cunt is a very peculiar Lycra since his Lycra skin is unlike most others. It is, in fact, a constantly changing pattern of various plants and vegetables. His appearance is that of a shifting mass of vegetables and with purple hair and goggles.


  • As he attacked and then defeated Fake Frank with his ability to throw magic vegetables, Veggie Cunt's hair (which is in fact a wig) have fallen off his head, due to the intensity of his attack. This disproves the fact that he has biological hair.
  • It is possible that Veggie Cunt's biggest weakness is to fear actual moving vegetals, meaning that he's possibly hiding from the Mr. Negis, as they are meant to be leek roots.